Why You May Want Teeth Whitening

Maintaining a clean, white color to your teeth is enormously difficult, as we often neglect how our habits affect their appearance, such as when we eat or drink stain-causing items. While there are many dental whitening products that can allow you to improve the color of your teeth, a more effective method is to receive a professional teeth whitening treatment from a trusted dentist.

Dr. Ejtemai is a premier dentist of Falls Church, VA.  Her dental practice is well equipped to treat patients for a variety of different needs, including endodontic, hygiene , and cosmetic dentistry. Our whitening services give patients with that are whiter than ever, with more treatment options that are more effective than store-bought products that are meant to do the same thing, such as whitening strips, toothpastes, and mouthwashes.

In fact, dentists recommend individuals visit their dentist for a whitening treatment than purchase a tooth whitening product. First, because the store-bought products have been known to have higher concentrations of whitening solution, increasing tooth sensitivity once it has been used. Also, most whitening products  provide only limited coverage of your teeth,. However, our teeth whitening process is far more effective, allowing for each tooth to be whitened, with the appropriate amount of solution that ensures the treatment doesn’t affect your teeth.

Our Teeth Whitening Process

Our process involves just two simple steps in which we utilize what is known as a tray whitening system. First, we create an impression of your teeth, so it can be used later to produce a custom tray that fits perfectly in your mouth and will ensure all of your teeth receives the same whitening treatment. Once you receive the tray, you will then be given a whitening gel, which will be placed in the custom tray. For short time over several days, your will use these to treat the stains on your teeth and produce a fresh, white smile.

We will provide you with complete instructions. Second way of teeth whitening is a chairside, and will be performed in the office . This procedure will take about 2 hours. You can claim your whiter beautiful smile within that short period of time with little or no sensetivity.

Receive Expert Teeth Whitening from Dr. Ejtemai, Falls Church Dentist

Everyone needs a proper teeth whitening, and the best way to get one is from an expert. If you are looking to get a teeth whitening treatment in Falls Church, or within Northern Virginia, there is no one more experience than Dr. Ejtemai. Contact us at (703)-237-6767 to make an appointment with whitening specialist.  

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