Dental Hygiene

There are billions of bacteria living inside our mouths at any given time. As bacteria builds up on the surface of your teeth, the neglected plaque can lead to cavities, gingivitis, or gum disease.

At Dr.Ejtemai’s dental office, we strive to inform our patients on how to maintain good dental hygiene for a healthy smile. To practice good oral hygiene, you should brush and floss your teeth twice a day, and also, attend your routine dental checkup appointments.

How To Properly Maintain Your Dental Hygiene

  • Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day.
  • Floss Between Your Teeth After Every Meal or at least once  a Day.
  • Use Mouth Rinse To Disinfect
  • Maintain A Healthy Diet by Avoiding Sugary foods.
  • Attend Routine Dental Exams/ Checkups .

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While at our office, we guarantee you will receive the highest level of service with our quality dental work. To ensure a healthy smile and maintain great oral health, come to our experts for your regular dental exams. We can help you establish a personalized dental hygiene routine catered to the needs of your teeth.

For all of your dental and oral hygiene needs, come visit Dr. Nastaran Ejtemai. Make a dental appointment with us online or call us at (703) 237-6767 and let us help you keep your smile bright and beautiful.

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