What Does A Root Canal Therapy Include?

Root canal procedures are required when the nerve of a tooth is experiencing pain or infectionThis space is then replaced with a specific medicated dental material that restores the tooth to its original function.

“Can I just remove the affected tooth?”

Most patients think that once a tooth is infected they need to have it removed. Interestingly enough, extracting, or pulling out the tooth, is often more costly and may lead to issues for the adjacent teeth.

If you are experiencing tooth discomfort and pain calls dr. Ejtemai’s office for endodontic consultation.

Root canal therapy is one of the most common dental procedures today, and when performed by a professional, treatment is highly successful. At Dr. Ejtemai’s dental office in Falls Church, our team is highly trained to provide root canal treatment that’s long lasting, cost-efficient, comfortable, and safe. Trust us to handle your next endodontic procedure! 

Contact Dr. Ejtemai at (703) 237-6767 to learn more. Request an appointment with your Falls Church dentist today.  

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