What are Lumineers?

It is common for many individuals to have flaws with their teeth, as it can make it a challenge to maintain a beautiful smile. Dentists can provide several solutions to help improve the appearance of your teeth, yet many of these procedures are often invasive, uncomfortable, and too expensive for most budgets. However, at the dental practice of Dr. Nastaran Ejtemai, we support our clients’ dental health by providing the highest quality of cosmetic dentistry in Falls Church, VA.

Lumineers are a brand of veneers that feature greater strength and thinner design, making them feel as if they were a more natural part of your teeth. The essential difference lumineers have from traditional veneers are the modifications that must be made to your teeth before placing them on. To place traditional veneers over your teeth, a dentist must first grind down the exterior, in order to create enough space between the gum and the tooth so that the veneer will look natural once it is placed.

On the other hand, lumineers are much thinner, and even more durable. Normal veneers are measured at being 0.5 mm thick, while lumineers are 0.2 mm thick. This difference makes lumineers appear more translucent, thus making them seem to look more like your actual tooth enamel. They are also made to resist daily wear and tear for up to 20 years.

Why You May Want Lumineers

Beautiful, Long-Lasting Smile: One of the main reasons patients enjoy their lumineers is because they will always maintain a clean, white appearance, no matter what they eat or drink.  Lumineers are incredibly durable and resilient compared to other types of veneers.

Discreet Enhancement: Patients with teeth that have flaws, such as large gaps or crooked positioning, find that lumineers help give them a fresh, new appearance, while looking and feeling like they are all-natural.

Get Affordable Lumineers from Dr. Ejtemai in Falls Church, VA

Lumineers can renew you with a bright, clean smile, but requires a professional in cosmetic dentistry. Contact us at (703)-237-6767 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ejtemai.

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