What is a Veneer?

Obtaining a bright, clean smile is a difficult task, especially with naturally-formed flaws such as large gaps, crooked teeth, as well as teeth that have ended up falling out or heavily stained as the years have passed. Dentists provide a number of different options in treating these issues, with either comprehensive or cosmetic procedures. One such method of improvement for your teeth  appearance is by placing veneers over them.

Unlike getting a Snap-On Smile, which is a temporary dental molding that enhances the appearance of your teeth and can easily be removed anytime, while a veneer is permanently placed over your actual tooth. So, make sure to discuss with your dentist what available options are best for you.

At the Dental Practice of Dr. Ejtemai, we have spent the last 15 years providing dental hygiene, endodontic treatments, and cosmetic dentistry services for clients throughout Falls Church, VA. Among our specialties are placing long-lasting veneers, Snap-On smiles, Lumineers, and other cosmetic dental solutions, along with numerous other dental services.

The Process of Getting Veneers

Properly planning and placing your own set of veneers takes place over the course of two or three visits to our office. On the first visit, we will discuss whether you will need veneers, or if there are options that are more suited to your dental needs.

Once we have established the procedure, our next step will be to create an impression of your teeth. This will then be utilized in our laboratory to help design and build your veneers, so that they fit perfectly on your teeth. This process will take ten to fourteen days to complete.

Finally, our last appointment will involve placing your custom-fit veneers in the precise position that will ensure they feel as natural as your own teeth.

High-Quality Cosmetic Dentistry from Dr. Ejtemai, DDS, in Falls Church, VA

Over the span of 20 years in the dental industry, Dr. Ejtemai and fellow associate, Dr. Vahid, have proven their expertise in periodontics and effective cosmetic dentistry to numerous satisfied clients all throughout the Falls Church area and Northern Virginia region. If you are seeking a professional in cosmetic dentistry, contact us at (703)-237-6767 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ejtemai.

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